Rotations: Moore Estates

Urban Plough Arts - Moore Estates


Project Name
Project Size
Rotations: Moore Estates
sorghum and wheat 35 acres
(14.16 hectares)
2005 – 2006
Earthwork Surprise, Arizona


In October of 2004, my grandfather sold the first portion of our family's land for a 253 home suburban community. The cultivated field is the planned lot map that was submitted to the city of Surprise. I acquired this map from the city and used as the template for the design of the land artwork, Rotations: Moore Estates. The site for the earthwork was chosen in its relation to the actual building area of the development. I mapped out Moore Estates at a third scale using a CAD program and a GPS surveying crew. The 253 homes were planted in Sorghum, and the roads were seeded wheat.