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Urban Plough Arts - Public Service Announcement


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Public Service Announcement
40’ x 12’, 25’ x 12’
Phoenix, Arizona
Michael Lundgren


This project was a collaboration with Carrie Marill. We rented billboards, which are back to back in downtown Phoenix. On a journey with photographer Michael Lundgren, we found the chosen image of the desert landscape that would work well with the concept; A barren vista of hot desert not too far west of Phoenix. Carrie printed the didactic, just in case anyone just accepted the image as decoration, and printed her billboard with the large unavoidable description of our true landscape. The billboards are a reminder to Phoenicians, myself included, that we live in a desert, although we seem to have successfully displaced that concept from our conciseness. This is evident not only through the development in the area, but also seen in our use of water in our homes, yards, and on our farms.