Port of Entry: Nogales

Urban Plough Arts - Nogales Port Of Entry


Project Name
Project Size
Port of Entry: Nogales
aluminum with Edgeglow acrylic inlay
92’ 15’ x 4’
GSA public art project, Mariposa Land Port of Entry Nogales, Arizona


This monumental sculpture was designed for the Mariposa Land Port of Entry in Nogales, on the border of Arizona and Mexico. Commissioned by the General Services Administration’s (GSA) public art program, it depicts the abstracted topography of an inverted mountain range. The artwork takes into consideration the geography of Nogales as well as its historical and functional use as a passage between two places. In the Southwest, the boundaries of the notoriously flat terrain are framed by massive mountain passages. These mountain ranges create the striking horizon that the Southwest has become famous for. The sculpture’s tapered edges hover over visitors in the interior space and provide an initial view of the artwork before it extends beyond the building along the distance of the outdoor walkway. The shadows and light filtering through and bouncing off of the metal create a dynamic and ever-changing experience throughout the day.