Pepsi Crop Circle


Project Name
Project Size
Pepsi Crop Circle
Rye Grass
360’ diameter logo in 35 acre field
Glendale, AZ


Approached by a marketing agency on behalf of Pepsi, just weeks before Super Bowl XLIX, Urban Plough Arts created a crop circle the size of a football field, just outside the University of Phoenix Stadium, in Glendale, AZ. Matt and his team took a simple image and scaled it to size in order to fulfill Pepsi’s request. Matt scouted the location based on his own experience as a farmer and his understanding of what crop would best tolerate the process while still creating a digitally impactful image.

The team used multiple tools and hardware including a drone, helicopter, GoPro and steady cams in order to document the process and the final result. The circle itself was mapped out and then carved into the crop by hand. To accomplish this, Matt used a combination of a scythe and a string trimmer.