Founded in the desert Southwest outside of Phoenix, Arizona...

Urban Plough Arts builds strategic partnerships with institutions and businesses to infuse a creative web of ideas and influence those relationships. All with the goal of having as much artistic impact in the greater social sphere. Working in the public sphere offers challenges of broadening audience while being nimble enough to respond to the seemingly endless speedbumps often found when navigating the processes of public art.


  • Site Specific Installations
    Focusing our efforts on site-specific projects means our creations exist in an exact place, with a unique combination of physical characteristics like depth, weight, height and even temperature. Simply put, we always take the location into account, when both planning and creating. This holistic approach has deep impacts on the audiences that experience it, in turn, creating opportunity for larger messages to be communicated during the moment of connection. Utilizing a transmedia approach, we tell a story or experience across multiple platforms, through digital technologies. Our design and fabrication projects have resulted in large-scale productions, Land Art and public events.
  • Unique Inspired Marketing
    Focused on immersive experiences, we create happenings that allow audiences to feel messages vs. read them. Through events and installations, we bring art and audience together, while supporting our client’s goals. This artistic approach to marketing leads to enhanced campaigns with elevated user experiences.
  • Public & Private Commissions
    From airport terminals to commercial workspaces, we create immersive experience spaces that are functional.
  • Consulting & Design
    We excel at understanding the potential of our client's projects, and assist on multiple steps like planning, designing and building.


  • Urban Plough Arts - Moore Single Family Residence
    Rotations: Single Family Residence
  • Pepsi Crop Circle
  • Urban Plough Arts - Moore Estates
    Rotations: Moore Estates
  • Urban Plough Arts - Lifecycles
    Lifecycles: Albertsons (Park City)
  • Urban Plough Arts - Feast On The Street
    Feast on the Street
  • Urban Plough Arts - Cumulus
  • Urban Plough Arts - Nogales Port Of Entry
    Port of Entry: Nogales
  • Urban Plough Arts - Urban Transplanter
    Urban Transplanter
  • Urban Plough Arts - Public Service Announcement
    Public Service Announcement

Our Team

  • Matthew Moore
    Matthew Moore
    Founder & Creative Lead

    Matthew Moore is a farmer, working artist and food activist.

  • Carrie Marill
    Carrie Marill
    Painter & Interior Design

    Carrie Marill is a painter and muralist, with a focus on interior design.

  • Braden King
    Braden King

    Braden King is a filmmaker, photographer and visual artist.

  • Aaron Forbes
    Aaron Forbes
    Registered Architect

    Aaron Forbes is a project manager and architectural design lead.

  • Steve Yazzie

    Steve Yazzie is a multidisciplinary artist.

  • Tony Ash
    Tony Ash
    Technology Lead

    Tony Ash is an interactive solutions architect.

  • Raquel Fagan
    Raquel Fagan
    Digital Marketing

    Raquel Fagan is a social and digital media consultant.

  • Estrella Payton
    Estrella Payton
    Project Management

    Estrella Payton is a printmaker, artist and builder.

  • Claes Bergman
    Claes Bergman
    Lead Craftsman

    Claes Bergman is a master craftsman and designer.

  • Jim Sulak
    Jim Sulak

    Jim Sulak is an artist, craftsman and installer.


  • From the first day I knew Matt had the Mariposa Land Port of Entry public art commission, I wondered what possible concept this young farmer/artist would envision for this strange and unique place. The overhead topographic sculpture stops everyone in its shadow and they feel compelled to make up their own story. I love the inherent layers of meaning but only a few know it’s true secret!

    Eddie jones - Principal, Jones Studio



Everyone at Urban Plough Arts has at least one thing in common; we all love the work we do. We’re always looking to work with partners that share our excitement for projects, our eagerness to learn and our enjoyment of the daily. We’d appreciate the opportunity to sit down with you and work through your latest idea. Drop us a line.

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